Lin-Manuel Miranda Reunites With College Pals for Upcoming Gigs
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The 'Hamilton' star and his college friends, who made up 'Freestyle Love Supreme', are set to perform at the Greenwich House Theater in New York.

AceShowbiz - Actor and musician Lin-Manuel Miranda has reunited his old hip-hop crew for a 2019 tour.

The "Hamilton" creator, who will be soon be seen in the upcoming "Mary Poppins Returns" movie, tells The New York Times he and his former college pals, who made up "Freestyle Love Supreme", are planning a series of shows, where they will make up hip-hop tunes on the spot.

The band will debut at the Greenwich House Theater in New York on 30 January (19), and Miranda and his pals have shows booked until 2 March.

"It is as addictive as Twitter once you realise you can get in front of an audience and make up a hip-hop show in real time," Miranda told the Times. "I am going to jump in for as much as my life allows but the show will not be dependent on me being there".

He will produce the shows and occasionally hit the stage.

"Freestyle Love Supreme probably has shaped my writing more than any other creative endeavour I've been a part of, because it's writing in real time in front of an audience with nothing but your brain and your friends," he added.

Lin-Manuel's Hamilton co-stars Christopher Jackson, James Monroe Iglehart and Daveed Diggs are also in talks to join FLS for select dates.

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