Camila Cabello Pleads to Fans Not to Share Her Leaked Songs

'If the songs aren't out it's because they're not meant to be heard right now,' writes the 'Havana' singer on a Twitter post that has since been deleted.

AceShowbiz - Camila Cabello has pleaded with her fans not to share any of her leaked music.

The "Havana" singer took to Twitter on Sunday night, October 14, to ask her followers not to give in and re-post any of her upcoming tracks which have been leaked on the Internet.

"if you see any tweets sharing 'leaked songs', please don't share them," Camila wrote in the since-deleted tweet. "if the songs aren't out it's because they're not meant to be heard right now, if you're my fan, please don't share leaked audios on your socials. Love only, camila."

Camila's message came as she opened up about her social media mantra in an interview with Britain's The Guardian newspaper, explaining where her "love only" message came from.

"When I left the group (Fifth Harmony), and when all that stuff was going on, I started to use this mantra to myself, of 'love only'," Camila said. "Any time that I would feel scared, any time that I felt doubt, any time that I felt like I couldn't do it, any time that I felt there was conflict between any of us, or on the internet, I would repeat to myself, and say to my fans, love only, love only."

"When it comes to the Internet, it's a powerful thing to say, because there's no hatred here, no anger here, no resentment, no bad feelings, I don't want any drama, I don't want any negativity, just, love only. I won't let anything else into my sphere."

Camila has had a busy weekend, and took to the stage in Sao Paolo, Brazil, on Sunday night as part of the Z Festival. Sharing a picture of the crowd on her Twitter page, the 21-year-old wrote: "15,000 souls in sao Paolo! i wanted to cry the whole first song, hearing this many of you sing the words to a song I wrote and just thinking back to when I was a little kid, thank you so much for coming and singing tonight- I love you!"

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