'KUWTK': Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian's Outfits 'Disgusting' During Tokyo Fitting, Says Kim

'My sisters look so crazy. It's actually embarrassing,' the KKW Beauty founder says about her sisters' 'crazy outfits' during a photo shoot in Japan.

AceShowbiz - Kim Kardashian can't stand bad fashion. The KKW Beauty founder didn't hesitate to slam her sister's crazy outfits and told them look like "f***ing clowns" if she really thought so, and that was what happened during a campaign photo shoot in Japan with Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian which aired in the latest episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" season 15.

During the photo shoot, Kim revealed that she was embarassed by their outfit choice. "I can't even eat dinner because I'm so disgusted with my sisters' crazy outfits that completely don't go with my look. Like, I can't take it," the 37-year-old star said.

"My sisters look so crazy. It's actually embarrassing," she added. "Kourtney with the Japanese-inspired outfit, and Khloe is wearing silver sequins, turquoise eyeshadow, huge chandelier earrings -- they're just like, completely clashing and making my outfit look really bad and they're ruining everything. I need the Yeezy collection to be debuted and not all this crazy distraction in the background."

Later, she could be seen telling them what she felt. "So I gotta be real with you guys. You look like f***ing clowns," Kim informed her sisters. "I'm not f***ing kidding. This is not like a tourist thing where it's Halloween, dress up like a f***ing Japanese geisha. Unless we're at a geisha house."

"I don't even know what this style is. I feel like we're stuck," Kim later said to Kourtney. "I just want you to be more like I said, 'Cool girl.' It's like trying too hard. And then like, 'Oh we're in Japan, it's crazy colors. Oh everything is Asian Japan because I'm in Asia.' "

Kim didn't stop there as she continued, "You look like f***ing grandma. 100 percent. You don't look anything special. Like you don't look anything innovative. And I think you have it in you, it's just you better evolve before you fizzle out."

The remarks definitely didn't sit well with Kourtney. "You think I looked like a clown? Well, you look you just won the Tour de France and you're cycling around town," she said to the camera.

Meanwhile, Kourtney and her glam team had had it enough with Kim's rant. "Now I think Kim's just being rude and rude to everyone in glam," the former said in a confessional interview. "You know, we're all doing fun looks together. It's not that serious. And I think Kim and I don't always see eye to eye as far as the importance of like, traveling and living in the moment."

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