Chris Martin Jokes About Hugh Jackman to Calm Global Citizen Fest Crowd After Barrier Falls Down
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The Coldplay frontman assures concertgoers at the festival that they are all safe after they mistake a loud bang for a possible gun attack.

AceShowbiz - People attending the Global Citizen Festival in New York City were sent into panic when they heard a loud bang in the middle of the show. A fence barrier collapsed after Cardi B finished her performance, but many concertgoers mistook it for a gun attack. Attempting to calm the crowd down, Chris Martin took the stage to assure the audience that they were all safe.

"There's no need to push people out of the way. What happened was that a barrier fell down. Of course it caused people to be a little bit frightened, but nobody is trying to hurt anybody," the Coldplay frontman said, before calling NYPD Assistant Chief Kathleen O'Reilly to confirm that there was no gun fire. "Everyone relax, calm down. It was a barrier collapse. There were no shots fired," O'Reilly said.

Martin then tried to lighten the mood a bit by joking about Hugh Jackman's muscles. He said, "If you want to come back and you're not too frightened by Hugh Jackman's huge muscles and you wanna come back, this is the time. Slowly, gently, kindly to each other."

His attempt to calm the crowd down was met by cheers by a lot of concertgoers, who started moving back toward the stage. "I just want to tell you that. As far as I know, when you guys are ready, we can watch Janet Jackson," he said.

NYPD confirmed that 15 people were treated at the scene after the chaos ensued.

Thankfully, the festival continued safely with Jackson taking the stage. The sister of Michael Jackson paused her set at Central Park's Great Lawn to deliver speech about equality in music industry. "Enough injustice, enough bigotry, mistreatment and mindless prejudice has to stop and stop now. Equality is our demand. Action is our answer," the songstress said.

Besides Cardi, Coldplay and Jackson, other acts who graced the stage at the festival included John Legend, Shawn Mendes and The Weeknd.

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