Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Scars in New 'Terminator' Set Photo With Linda Hamilton
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The Terminator depicter showed some fake injuries on his face while posing with his co-star Hamilton, who reprises her role as Sarah Connor in the upcoming movie.

AceShowbiz - Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared a new set picture of the upcoming "Terminator" movie. The 71-year-old actor was reunited with his co-star Linda Hamilton in the image, which he posted on Wednesday, September 26 as a birthday tribute to the actress.

"Happy birthday to my dear friend Linda Hamilton. One of my favorite co-stars, a true badass, and a wonderful human being. I'm pumped to be back together again," so Schwarzenegger captioned it. He was seen sporting fake scars on his face in the photo.

In the untitled Terminator reboot, Schwarzenegger and Hamilton reprise their roles as The Terminator / T-800 and Sarah Connor, respectively. They are joined by new stars in the franchise, including Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta and Jude Collie.

Davis' character is described as a soldier-assassin from the future, much like resistance fighter John Connor or Kyle Reese. As for Reyes' Dani, she is described as a young woman from a working class neighborhood who finds herself caught in the battle between humans and machines. Boneta will play Dani's brother. Luna is cast as the new model of Terminator, while Collie is playing Sarah's son, John Connor.

"Deadpool" helmer Tim Miller is directing and writing the script, with James Cameron, who co-created the franchise, producing along with David Ellison. Plot details are currently unavailable, but it was previously reported that the new project would be a direct sequel to "Terminator 2: Judgement Day". The movie is scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on November 22, 2019.

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