Machine Gun Kelly Impeaches Eminem for Fake Booed Video
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During an interview with a New York radio show, the 'Rap Devil' star also takes a jab at the Slim Shady’s 'Killshot' single, claiming it is not worth responding to.

AceShowbiz - Machine Gun Kelly is convinced Eminem is to blame for allegedly spreading "fake" footage of a concert crowd booing the "Bad Things" rapper at one of his recent shows.

The two stars have been trading insults ever since Eminem targeted Kelly on "Not Alike", from his latest album "Kamikaze", leading the 28 year old to hit back with his own diss track, "Rap Devil".

The "Lose Yourself" hitmaker recently retaliated with "Killshot", which was released with artwork featuring Kelly's face as a target practice sign.

Instead of being offended by the image, Kelly decided to have the graphics printed onto a T-shirt, which he wore onstage in Florida on Sunday night (September 16), and posed for an Instagram picture with the audience members behind him holding up their middle fingers, apparently showing their support for Kelly in the rap rivalry.

However, reports subsequently emerged suggesting the fans watching Kelly during his opening set for rockers Fall Out Boy had no idea what they were being asked to raise their middle fingers for, as others claimed he had actually been booed offstage for the stunt, which occurred as he performed "Rap Devil".

Video clips appearing to back up the claims have since emerged on social media, but Kelly is adamant the crowd had nothing but love for him, and suspects Eminem is behind the allegedly altered footage.

"You fake edited boos into a performance of me performing Rap Devil...," Kelly argued on New York radio show "The Breakfast Club". "There's a real video and a fake video and we have both... It sounds like (the boos from) a wrestling video, it's that much of a joke."

He also doesn't think much of Eminem's "Killshot" video scoring the third biggest 24-hour debut on YouTube with 38.1 million views, arguing it doesn't actually mean the song is any good.

"The legend just got punched in the mouth, everyone wants to see what's happening, of course you're gonna tune in...," he said.

Kelly went on to reveal he won't be feeding into the frenzy with another musical jab, because he doesn't think "Killshot" is worth responding to.

"I had a clip ready, I heard 'Killshot' and I put that s**t back in the holster...," he claimed.

The bad blood between the two began in 2012 when Kelly tweeted about how "hot" he thought Eminem's then-teenage daughter Hailie was, but he never expected the hip-hop veteran to drag the old news back up, because they had cleared the air at the time.

"Truth be told, we had handled it behind the scenes six years ago," Kelly explained, insisting he wouldn't have commented on her looks had he known Hailie was underage, as he has a young daughter too.

"Man-to-man, I apologised...," he added. "It was a silly comment to have started all of this (public feud). It's something silly to trip on..."

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