Video of Machine Gun Kelly Booed on Stage Apparently Edited by Eminem Fans

However, some audience members report that the 28-year-old rapper did get booed while opening for Fall Out Boy.

AceShowbiz - A fan-captured video showing Machine Gun Kelly getting booed while performing "Rap Devil" recently made its way round the internet. However, it appeared that the video was actually fake and edited by some Eminem fans who obviously took his side on the two rappers' feud.

After MGK wrote that the said video was not the real footage and dubbed it "fake news," DJ Akademiks did some searching and found what appeared to be the real footage. In the latter clip, which was taken during the rapper's opening performance at a Fall Out Boy concert, there wasn't any boos in it.

"So apparently some delusional Eminem stans edited footage of MGK performance and input boos in there then sent em out to media outlets to make it looks like ppl ain't rocking wit him," he said in the caption. "Y'all believe this or na? They say this is the real footage."

It remains unclear which one is the real footage, but some audience members reported that MGK did get booed during the show. However, it was not during his "Rap Devil" performance. According to the concertgoers, the boos started flurtering after they found out that the rapper tricked them into posing for an anti-Eminem photo.

"MGK took this photo in front of the Fall Out Boy audience that was waiting for them to come on stage and do their set," one audience member shared. "He was wearing a jacket when he asked the crowd if they would put up their middle fingers for a picture, he turned around to take the jacket off and they had no idea what shirt he was wearing. He couldn't pull a crowd this big, of course they were excited, they were waiting to see the band that they actually paid for!"

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