Emmys 2018: Kaitlyn Bristowe Live Tweets Wardrobe Malfunction

'The Bachelorette' alum reveals that the zipper of her dress busted and her butt was exposed, making her unable to stand up.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelorette" alum Kaitlyn Bristowe is the latest victim of wardrobe malfunction at an award-giving show. The Canadian television personality just wanted to enjoy the 70th annual Emmy Awards on Monday, September 17 when the dress she wore split almost all the way up back.

Hilariously enough, she took to Twitter to live tweet the wardrobe malfunction. "Sitting in the emmys and my zipper just busted and my butt is exposed and I can't get up and I dunno what to do," Kaitlyn shared before asking her online devotees, "Also, does anyone ever walk off stage the right way?"

When one of her followers hoped that people would not ask her to stand up when she still had not get the dress fixed, Kaitlyn revealed that people did ask her to do that. "Here's the kicker. I'm in the wrong seat and people are asking me to move," she said. "I either stood for Betty White and showed my a**, or stayed seated and looked like an a**."

And just in case people didn't believe her, Kailtyn shared a picture of her gown. She was seen making a grimace and showed how the black gown popped open in the photo. "Proof. It all opens up when I stand up. Right down to mid crack," she captioned the funny image.

Fortunately, a couple let her stay in her seat and one man even offered her his jacket to cover her up. "The couple let me stay, and he offers me his jacket every time we have to stand. Chivalry is not dead," she continued, before adding in another that she had asked many people for safety pins to no avail. "I've got tequila. And we have asked so many people. How does no one have like 5 pins!!!??"

It remains unknown whether she has gotten her dress fixed.

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