Julie Chen Surprises CBS With Defiant Support for Les Moonves

The TV personality proved she was still standing by her husband, who recently resigned as chairman and executive officer of CBS due to sexual assault scandal, during a broadcast of 'Big Brother'.

AceShowbiz - U.S. TV personality Julie Chen proved she was standing by her husband Les Moonves over sexual misconduct allegations while hosting "Big Brother" on Thursday, September 13.

Moonves resigned as chairman and executive officer of CBS earlier this week (begins September 10) after six women came forward to accuse him of sexual assault and harassment in The New Yorker, which had already published a report containing sexual misconduct complaints made by six different women in July.

Chen, who has been married to the former CBS boss since 2004, has remained silent since his resignation, even skipping her chat show "The Talk". However, she kept her commitment as the presenter of "Big Brother", and although she didn't mention the scandal, she made it clear she was supporting her husband by signing off, "From outside the 'Big Brother' house... I'm Julie Chen Moonves. Good night."

According to People, it marked the first time Chen had used the Moonves name on the show, and her subtle statement reportedly surprised CBS executives, who broadcast the reality show.

"Everyone knows that it's a big 'f- you' to CBS that she did it, because she never, ever refers to herself as anything but Julie Chen," a source told the website.

She also shared a close-up image of her hands holding her "Big Brother" cue cards on Twitter, and her wedding band was clearly visible.

Chen, who shares eight-year-old son Charlie with Moonves, was absent from "The Talk" on Monday, and her co-host Sharon Osbourne announced she was "taking off time to be with her family". The 48-year-old later added a statement saying she was taking a few days off, but would still present "Big Brother" on Thursday.

When Moonves was first hit with allegations, Chen issued a supportive statement, writing, "Leslie is a good man and a loving father, devoted husband and inspiring corporate leader. He has always been a kind, decent and moral human being. I fully support my husband and stand behind him and his statement."

In July, Moonves acknowledged he'd behaved inappropriately in the past, but insisted nothing ever amounted to sexual assault. This week, he called the allegations "untrue" and said he was "deeply saddened" to be leaving CBS.

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