Carrie Underwood Debuts New 'SNF' Theme Song 'Game On' to Criticism

Even though the country singer previously expressed her satisfaction with the new theme song, fans apparently think otherwise.

AceShowbiz - The new season of NBC's "Sunday Night Football" has finally kicked off with a brand new theme song entitled "Game On". The theme song was performed by Carrie Underwood and debuted before the Green Bay-Chicago matchup at Lambeau Field in Wisconsin on Sunday, September 9.

"Everybody's ready for the party/ Everywhere coast to coast/ Come one we're just gettin' started/ Been waiting all weekday let's go," she sings as clips of NFL players flash on the screen. "Gangs all here for the throw down/ Rowdy crowd rocking the place/ The NFL's beast in a show down/ Fired up and ready to play."

Even though Carrie previously expressed her satisfaction with the new theme song, fans apparently thought otherwise. Many have taken to social media to share that they weren't exactly thrilled with the new song. It was the opposite instead.

"This season's Carrie Underwood song is even closer to making me feel like I live in an actual parody than last season's Carrie Underwood song," one said, while another stated that s/he loved the "American Idol" alum, but "man these Sunday Night Football songs get worse and worse." One other similarly stated, "I love Carrie Underwood with every fiber of my being but what is this new SNF song?"

"If there's any reason to boycott the NFL, it's because of that atrocious Carrie Underwood intro song. As a nation, we deserve better," one user said. David Wright of CNN also criticized the country singer as he tweeted, "There are very few things that make me more uncomfortable than carrie underwood's sunday night football song."

Carrie has yet to respond to the criticsm.

Besides contributing to the new "Sunday Night Football" theme song, Carrie is currently preparing to release her upcoming album "Cry Pretty". The effort is set to hit the shelves on September 14.

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