'America's Got Talent' Recap: Contestants Fight for Semi-Final Spots in Quarterfinals 3

The August 28 episode marked the last time for the viewers to vote their favorite acts into the semifinals.

AceShowbiz - As the finals of "America's Got Talent" season 13 are looming over, the contestants continued to perform their best. The Tuesday, August 28 episode of the NBC show saw the hopefuls performing on the last of the three quarterfinals. This would be the last time for the viewers to vote their favorite acts into the semifinals.

The first act to take the stage was dance family The Future Kings. The troupe, who started their group because of the gang violence around their hometown, brought an uplifting performance with an upbeat routine as Kanye West's "Power" played in the background. They donned matching multi-colored outfits with neon orange sneakers. Simon Cowell loved it as he gave them a standing ovation. Melanie Brown a.k.a. Mel B gushed their loyalty.

The cool performance was followed by Us the Duo. Michael and Carissa Alvarado, who are expecting a baby, sang a sweet tribute to their baby with an original song. Titled "Like I Did With You", the song was about them wanting their baby to grow up to be like soon-to-be mom Carissa.

Opera singer Daniel Emmet later took the stage, belting out an Italian version of "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing". His performance was extremely epic as fire burning on stage for dramatic effect. The judges couldn't help but love his act, adding that it was his best performance of the season.

Brian King Joseph, meanwhile, flaunted his incredible skill by performing "Centuries" by Fall Out Boy. The violinist blew everyone's mind despite being diagnosed with a nerve disease that takes away the feeling in his hands and feet.

It was Aaron Crow's turn next. That night, he asked Howie Mandel again to assist him in his thrilling and dangerous act. Aarow's act saw him hiding a knife in one of four boxes bofore switching around in a variety of ways with Howie selecting a box one-by-one as Aaron smashed each choice with just his hand. Later he involved Simon in his act, asking him to smash one of the final boxes. Fortunately, Simon didn't smash the box with a knife though it was a close call. Mel B and Heidi Klum weren't impressed with Aaron's performance, noting that it was too slow.

The next performer was Joseph O'Brien. The 20-year-old "hopeless romantic" sang a love song on the piano which was dedicated to his love interest Brianna. Although the song was nice, the judges appeared to think that the performance wasn't strong enough to be a quarterfinal performance.

Cabaret performer Accordion Hans sang a rendition of "Spice Up Your Life" by the Spice Girls, much to Mel B's excitement. He brought so much energy to the stage that night as he incorporated his accordion with piano and backup dancers.

Singing "I Am Changing" by Jennifer Hudson was Christina Wells. It was so stunning that she received a standing ovation from the crowd. In addition, Mel B even cried over the emotional performance.

Zurcaroh, who earned Tyra Banks' Golden Buzzer, offered a breathtaking, athletic performance with acrobatics and triumphant music. They perfectly captivated the judges and the audience's heart with Simon praising them as the best act he's ever seen.

Magician Rob Lake returned to the stage. That night, he made himself disappear while on a vanishing motorcycle. Simon, who had been hard to please for Rob, gave him a mediocre critique, while Mel B loved it.

Michael Ketterer rounded out the night's performances with a cover of "Us" by James Bay. The emotional-driven performance by the father of 6 adopted children was enjoyed by many who later gave him standing ovation. Simon admitted that he went speechless. The judge even shaded tears for him.

Only 7 acts will move on to the semifinals. The Live Results 3 will air on Wednesday, August 29 at 8 P.M. on NBC.

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