Cardi B Responds to Backlash After Leaking Her Own 'Sex Tape' With Offset

The 'I Like It' rapper posted on Instagram a video which showed the couple allegedly engaging in a sexual act.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B has sparked another backlash due to her Instagram post. Just days after she was criticized for her nude photo posted by Offset, she shared a more risque video showing her and her husband allegedly engaging in a sexual act.

Posted on Instagram Stories, the short clip was captioned with "when the 6 weeks up." In the video, Offset appeared to slip his hand down her pants and pleasure her, before they kissed. The video was reportedly quickly deleted, but not before her Instagram followers watched it and now it's all over the internet.

Some people slammed the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker for sharing too much. "Cardi really filmed herself getting fingered by Offset," one person tweeted with a meme expressing how disgusted he/she was with the alleged X-rated video. Another commented, "very disgusting behavior."

After she took notice of people's reactions to the video, Cardi explained it on Twitter, "I wasn't getting fingered i had LETHER SHORTS ON .... but i wish i was :/I was very very horny."

Responding to another Twitter user who sarcastically wrote, "the fact that she POSTED IT ONLINE what a great example to her young fans," she wrote back, "I DO W.E THE FUCK I WANT .I NEVER CLAIMED TO BE AN ANGEL!"

The 25-year-old raptress added in another tweet, "You wanna know what sooo funny I don't see my fans complaining about the instasnap .All i see is other artists stans mad at it .Like why ?why ya so worried ?Worry about your fav artists don't worry about Cardi!"

Cardi previously hit back at haters who slammed her for posing nude in an Instagram picture shared by Offset. Someone called her a "hoe" for allowing herself to be pictured naked.

In response to the backlash, she said in a live video broadcast on the social media site, "Let me be free. If I wanna be half-a** naked, why not?" She continued her rant, "A b***h used to be a whole motherf**king stripper. If I wanna feel sexy, if I want ya all to see my motherf**king body, why the f**k not?" She went on to explain that she was happy being a "nasty a** freak a** b***h" and would inevitably be criticized over whatever she did.

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