Emily Ratajkowski Intentionally Shares Nip Slip Moment on Instagram - See the Pic

Making sure to adhere the photo-sharing site's guidelines, the 'Blurred Lines' babe pixelates the wardrobe malfunction.

AceShowbiz - While many people would never want to share photos of a wardrobe malfunction, Emily Ratajkowski thinks otherwise. The London-born stunner just posted on Instagram an image of her suffering a nip slip during an outing.

The black-and-white photo features her enjoying a meal at a restaurant while seated outside. She sported a slinky, low-cute dress which led to a nip slip. Making sure to adhere to the photo-sharing site's guidelines, Emily pixelated the wardrobe malfunction.

As if she didn't see anything wrong in the picture, the "I Feel Pretty" actress made no further reference to the nip slip in the caption. She only put a fork and knife emoji.

Her nip slip aside, she definitely looked stunning in the picture. She teamed her dress with a chunky necklace that appeared to be an S shape as well as other jewelries and accessories. These included a large watch on her left wrist as well as her engagement and wedding rings.


Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) pada

Her decision to post her wardrobe malfunction picture was surprisingly praised by many of her devoted followers. "Your nipple is falling out at the dinner table and you decided to snap it and post it on instagram. Inspirational feminist," one user commented. One other wrote, "Haha she can't even eat at a restaurant without her tit falling out! Love this lady!"

Emily is no stranger to posting sultry pics on Instagram, prompting people to slam her for doing that too often. However, she remains unapologetic about sharing pictures that make her feel confident. "Life cannot be dictated by the perceptions of others, and I wish the world had made it clear to me that people's reactions to my sexuality were not my problems, they were theirs," she previously said in an interview.

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