Gal Gadot Praises Wonder Woman Boy Fan for Breaking Gender Stereotype
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The 'Wonder Woman' star voices her support for a 5-year-old kindergarten boy who chose girly accessories, including a Wonder Woman backpack and crown, to wear to school.

AceShowbiz - Actress Gal Gadot has applauded a young fan for defying gender stereotypes by picking out a Wonder Woman backpack and crown to wear to school.

Florida resident Katie Alicea detailed her mixed feelings about her five-year-old son Isaac's choice of "girly" kindergarten accessories in a new article for parenting website Romper, admitting that while she was proud of her cool kid, she was also "nervous" about how he would be treated on his first day of school.

Gadot, who portrays the DC Comics superhero onscreen, read the piece and then took to social media on Tuesday, August 07 to share a screenshot of the lead image and headline as she voiced her full support for Isaac.

"Just read this article about breaking gender stereotypes by Katie Alicea," the mother-of-two wrote on Instagram. "Such an important topic and something I believe in so strongly."

"I hope Isaac wore the crown and his WW backpack proudly to school. #WonderBoy".

Katie has yet to respond to the movie star's encouraging comments, but in the parenting piece, she recalls repeatedly checking with Isaac to ensure he wouldn't later regret the shopping purchase.

"I'll be honest, my first response to him was, 'Are you sure?'," Katie wrote. "Without skipping a beat, he replied, 'Yes, I looked at all of them and I love superheroes the MOST and this Wonder Woman backpack is my favorite!'"

"I asked if he was sure, not because the backpack bothered me, but because I imagined Isaac being made fun of at a new school when he has been so desperate to make new friends."

However, Katie soon realised she was doing more harm than good by pressing the issue: "The truth is, if I start to worry about what the world thinks, Isaac will start to worry too and I don't want that," she continued. "Isaac is a world-changer and I can't wait to see what the future holds for the coolest kid I know."

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