Jason Derulo Strips Naked in New Instagram Video

However, the singer doesn't violate Instagram's decency rules as his groin area is pixelated in the video.

AceShowbiz - R&B star Jason Derulo has flashed fans on Instagram after jokingly objecting to having his camera crew film him in the shower.

The Swalla hitmaker took to Instagram on Wednesday, August 01, to give fans a tour of his presidential hotel suite in Tel Aviv, Israel, where his room overlooks the beach, and invited his cameraman to follow him as he shows off his luxury amenities.

He also welcomes devotees into his bedroom, where he hops on the bed and suggestively reclines as he declares, "This is where it all goes down."

The footage then cuts to Jason taking a shower, before realising he is being filmed.

"What are you doing in the bathroom? This is a no fly zone," he calls out, as he hurries out of the glass cubicle and grabs a towel to preserve his modesty.

Jason then starts to chase cameraman David Strib out of the palatial room, all while holding the towel against his groin, before slipping on the tiled floor and falling back onto his butt, briefly flashing his privates onscreen.

However, Jason doesn't violate Instagram's decency rules with the apparently-staged prank, as his groin area is pixelated in the video.

It's not known why Derulo wanted to post the silly clip online, but he had a laugh about the video as he shared the footage on social media.

"When someone over stays their welcome...," he captioned the post. "watch till the end (sic)".

Derulo is currently on tour, and is set to perform in Romania on Thursday.

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