The 'Like Father' actor reveals in an interview that talks about the reboot of the sitcom have been ongoing for quite a while.

AceShowbiz - Kelsey Grammer has confirmed reports he's making plans to return to TV as quirky psychiatrist Frasier.

The actor, who portrayed Dr. Frasier Crane in the hit sitcom from 1993 to 2004, wants to take the character to a new setting, and he has a few ideas.

Promoting his new Netflix movie "Like Father", in which he portrays the estranged dad of Kristen Bell's character, Kelsey tells Entertainment Tonight that talks about bringing Frasier back to TV have been ongoing for quite a while.

"This is something we've been discussing," he said. "We have wondered where he (Frasier) might be, but he left for Chicago in the last episode of the show, so we have to deal with that at least.

"He left to go be with his lady love, who probably didn't stay with him but, you know, some evolution has taken place."

Grammer insists that if he does reprise his most famous character, who also served as a Seattle, Washington-based radio host on the hit sitcom, the show will have to look different.

"I don't want to play Frasier and go back to Seattle. I mean it would be silly," he explained.

It's not yet known if he is interested in reuniting with co-stars Jane Leeves, David Hyde Pierce, and Peri Gilpin, but Grammer's character will most likely be fatherless in the new show, as John Mahoney, who played his dad on TV from 1993 to 2004, died in February, aged 77.

"Frasier" first appeared on Cheers, which was set in a Boston, Massachusetts bar. The star of that show, Ted Danson, currently appears alongside Grammer's new movie daughter, Bell, in TV comedy "The Good Place".

In "Like Father", Kelsey plays an absentee dad hoping to rekindle a relationship with his daughter by attending her wedding. After Bell's character is jilted at the altar, the estranged father and daughter take the cruise that was intended as her honeymoon.

"Like Father" debuts on Netflix on August 3.

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