Roseanne Barr Slams Valerie Jarrett's Haircut While Apologizing to Her for Racist Tweet
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During her first TV interview since her controversial tweet, the actress insists that people misunderstood her 'political' tweet as a racist remark.

AceShowbiz - Roseanne Barr did her first TV interview since the Valerie Jarrett tweet that cost her the "Roseanne" revival. Speaking to Sean Hannity on his show, the comedian was given a chance to apologize to the former President Obama senior adviser for her racist tweet, but it didn't turn out well.

"If she's watching, I'm so sorry that you thought I was racist and that you thought my tweet was racist," Barr said. She insisted that people misunderstood her "political" tweet as a racist remark, saying, "Because it wasn't. It was political. I'm sorry for the misunderstand that caused, my ill-worded tweet. And, you know, I'm sorry that you feel harmed and hurt. I never meant that. And for that I apologize."

"I never meant to hurt anybody or say anything about an entire race of people, which I think 30 years of my work can attest to," she continued, before insulting Jarrett's haircut. "Plus, I'd tell her she's got to get a new haircut. Seriously." She went on telling Hannity to update his barbershop-quartet hairstyle too, and to stop parting his hair in the middle.

When Hannity brought up Barr's past revelation that she suffered from multiple personality disorder, she responded, "I don't suffer from it any more. I enjoy it." She also corrected Hannity who recalled her saying she took three kinds of anti-depressants every day. She said that she just took two kinds of anti-depressants, plus blood pressure medication.

During the bizarre one-hour interview, Barr also claimed that she's had a very hard time, even when working on her hit sitcom revival. "How would you like it to be sitting in a room with 25 people who think Trump is the worst thing that's ever happened to the United States," she said about working with her "Roseanne" co-stars. "Could you do your job?" she asked Hannity.

Hannity responded, "Happens to me every day." A surprised Barr asked, "In your circle? People that work on your show?" The Fox News host explained, "There's plenty of people around here who disagree with every word I say, and hate what I stand for, absolutely." Barr then responded, "I hate everyone equally. Everybody deserves to be joked about."

In a recent YouTube video, the 65-year-old actress insisted that she thought Jarrett was white and that she is not a racist. "I thought the b***h was white!" she screamed, as she looked distressed.

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