Big Bang's Seungri Reveals How Much He Earns Compared to G-Dragon

The 'Angel Eyes' star claims that, despite his many businesses, he only earns one percent of what his groupmate earns in a year.

AceShowbiz - While Seungri and G-Dragon are parts of the same group, they don't make the same amount of money. The youngest member of South Korean boyband Big Bang reveals that what he earns annually is nothing compared to what his groupmate makes.

In a July 24 episode of "Night of Real Entertainment", the 27-year-old star talked about his business investments. "I'm currently involved in businesses from a ramen chain and a cosmetics line to a manpower business. I've invested in biotech and nanotech, and I'm in the process of developing masks that protect people from yellow dust," he shared.

When asked how much he earns annually, he tried to dodge it by saying, "Let me just put it this way. What G-Dragon earns, I earn about one percent of that. He doesn't do any businesses; he just has a lot of money."

G-Dragon reportedly earns 800 million Won (US$714,820) yearly from song royalties alone. He has been listed as one of the top ten richest South Korean idols in the past few years, with some buildings in strategic locations as some of his assets.

During the interview, Seungri also talked about his upcoming military enlistment. The "Strong Baby" singer is currently the only Big Bang member who is still active, while the other four are currently in hiatus as they're serving in military. He said that he planned to enlist early next year.

The singer/actor later sent his message to his groupmates. "I hope you stay healthy and finish out your service well," he said. "I heard that you asked you superiors to please have me assigned to your bases. I will never become a subordinate to any of [you]. Especially going to G-Dragon's base, I'd rather not."

Seungri is currently promoting his first solo album "The Great Seungri". He recently joked that he tried to use G-Dragon's Instagram account to promote the album. "G-Dragon hyung has many followers on social media so I asked him if I could use it. He called me crazy," he said.

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