John Krasinski Learnt He Lost 'Captain America' Role in Bad Timing

The 'A Quiet Place' star and director admits the timing of the fateful call isn't great, his wife Emily Blunt's birthday.

AceShowbiz - "Captain America" put a real dampener on Emily Blunt's 27th birthday celebrations after her husband John Krasinski discovered he'd lost out on the role to Chris Evans.

The "A Quiet Place" actor and filmmaker reveals he was among the stars to audition for the superhero role more than eight years ago, and it appears he came close to clinching the coveted Marvel gig - before learning he'd been edged out by Evans.

Krasinksi admits the timing of the fateful call wasn't great, because it fell on his now-wife's birthday, but he fully understood why producers behind 2011's "Captain America: The First Avenger" decided to go with the Hollywood hunk.

"My agent called and said, 'They're going to go with Chris Evans,'" he recalls in an interview with Variety, "and I remember I said, 'Yeah, look at him. He's Captain America!'"

Emily offered to cancel their dinner reservation for the night as a result of the casting snub, but John refused to let the rejection spoil their plans.

"I said, 'It's Chris Evans. Of course we're going to dinner,'" he laughs.

Krasinski has since gone on to portray a different kind of action hero after landing the lead role in the upcoming TV series Tom Clancy's "Jack Ryan".

The Amazon show, which premieres on August 31, is based on Clancy's books about the fictional CIA analyst previously played on the big screen by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine.

New showrunner Carlton Cuse insists Krasinski is the perfect actor to take over the Ryan role.

"Jack Ryan's superpower is his doggedness, his determination and, more than anything, his brain. I think that John has that. He's a very intelligent guy, obviously," Cuse said. "That comes across in his performance. And he also is a leading man. He's got that relatability, that kind of Tom Hanks factor. He can play that classic hero that you can really see yourself in."

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