'The Bachelorette' Recap: Becca Kufrin Picks Her Final 2 for Romantic Fantasy Suites in Thailand

The most difficult decision apparently has yet to come to Becca though, as she has to make another big decison in the upcoming finale.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelorette" aired a new episode on Monday, July 23, in which Becca Kufrin and the remaining 3 suitors, Garrett Yrigoyen, Blake Horstmann and Jason Tartick, headed to Thailand for a romantic trip. The first suitor to enjoy date with Becca was Blake, and they went for a hike.

Both of them looked very much happy during the first date, though Blake admitted that he was worried as to how things were going between Becca and the other guys. He decided to tell Becca how anxious he was.

"These last two weeks are the first time I started to think you could possibly feel the way about another guy that you do about me," he told Becca. "I think it's kind of hit me hard because it's getting to the point where you clearly obviously have really strong feelings for these other guys. I cant really ignore that anymore."

Becca couldn't entirely tell him that she didn't have feelings for the other guys, but she assured Blake that she understood him. Their date ended with Becca inviting him into the fantasy suite.

Next was Jason and Becca's date. They opted to spend the day by having an impromptu date at a Thai market, where Becca brought up the topic of having a future with Jason. She then realized that Jason and her might not work out, and it stressed her to the point she nearly broke down in tears.

During the dinner date, Jason poured his heart out to Becca, saying how he could see a future with her. However, he couldn't help noticing that Becca might not feel the same. Becca talked about her hesitation with Jason before getting overwhelmed. Once again, she stepped away in tears.

"I can see a future with Jason, but I see it more with Garrett and Blake. I was falling for Jason, but I'm in love with two other men, and it's not fair to keep him around if I don't see us getting there at the end," Becca told the camera. Becca then decided that it was the best to send him home before the fantasy suite.

The last date went to Garrett, who invited Becca for a romantic rafting date that ended up turning into a party. They had fun and talked about the potential future they might have together. Garrett told her how much he loves her, and it was a no brainer that Becca invited him to the fantasy suite.

Meanwhile, Jason demanded some closure. He told Becca how deep his feelings for her, but Becca insisted that it was the best decision for the both of them. She also made sure Jason know it was also difficult for her to make the decision. They talked it out well and managed to part ways on ambicable terms. Jason even left her with a sweet parting gift.

The most difficult decision apparently has yet to come to Becca. She has to make another big decison in the upcoming finale. Whether Becca will choose Garrett or Blake, Bachelor Nation will find out the answer on Monday, August 6 finale.

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