Dolly Parton Slept in Car at the Beginning of Her Career

The glamorous country legend talked about how she used to live at the start of her singing career.

AceShowbiz - Dolly Parton slept in her car when she first started touring with her uncle.

The glamorous country legend used to perfect her make-up in the wing mirror after snoozing on the back seat to save money at the outset of her career when she just began to hit the road with her Uncle Bill.

"We'd sleep in the car, that was our room...," the singer tells Reese Witherspoon on her new show Shine on with Reese. "My bedroom was the backseat and his was the front seat.

"I'd wash my hair in the filling station bathrooms and put make-up on in the side mirror of the car, and that was just how you did it."

But Jolene singer Dolly was just glad to be out of the house she shared with all her siblings.

"Daddy didn't want me getting out in the world," she adds. "He didn't even want me to go to school... He was just afraid something bad was gonna happen to his girls.

"But Momma knew that I had a strength. She knew I knew what I wanted and who I was so she would fight for me a lot when I'd wanted to go places Daddy didn't want me to go to sing, like to Nashville with my Uncle Bill."

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