will.i.am Promises Black Eyed Peas Will Never Replace Fergie

will.i.am says the group would rather perform as a three piece when they go on tour this fall than seek the services of a professional singer.

AceShowbiz - The Black Eyed Peas will never replace Fergie with a new vocalist promises will.i.am.

The "Glamorous" hitmaker performed with the group from 2002 until her departure was officially announced in February, leaving the band as a three-piece featuring Will, Apl.de.ap and Taboo. And as far as the frontman is concerned, that's the way it's going to stay when The Black Eyed Peas go on tour this fall - even though it will affect the setlist somewhat.

"I would never, ever try and take on a task that's impossible to execute sonically," the 43-year-old insisted in an interview with the London Evening Standard. "I know there are songs we can't play. We can't play Don't Phunk With My Heart, Meet Me Halfway or Just Can't Get Enough."

In fact, the singer-songwriter would rather have members of the crowd take over the vocals than seek the services of a professional singer.

"We can't have a mimic, and bring someone out and say, ‘do what Fergie does!' I would rather bring a fan up," he claimed. "I'd rather do that than have somebody pretend to be Fergie. That's sacrilegious - I can't do blasphemy in my own group! We respect Fergie too much."

Neither Fergie nor her former bandmates provided an explanation for her departure, but the split was seemingly amicable as the 43-year-old united with the trio for a party celebrating America's Independence Day earlier this month.

It was previously thought that Nicole Scherzinger would fill Fergie's shoes after Will admitted she is part of the collective's group chat.

Will also revealed in his chat with the Standard that he'd be keen to invite Cheryl and Rita Ora to perform with the band as one-offs.

"These are guests I would love to come out and rock with us at these shows, and do their interpretations," he smiled.

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