The visuals features the youngest member of Big Bang trying to win the attention of a woman with his wit and humor.

AceShowbiz - While the other members of Big Bang are currently serving in the military, Seungri makes his comeback by releasing "The Great Seungri" album on Friday, July 20. The release of the effort was accompanied with a music video for one of its tracks, "1, 2, 3!".

The visuals features the youngest member of the South Korean group trying to win the attention of a woman with his wit and humor. He receives support from a lot of his friends who are also helping him get the beautiful woman, dancing alongside the singer as he tries to seduce her. "Do I need to tell you why?/ You should know by now/ You flipped my body and heart upside down," he sings. "Even if it's not right now/ Even if someone else is by your side."

Things seem to go well for Seungri as the girl finally falls for his charm, but it turns out all of that is just his imagination. The end of the music video sees the "Strong Baby" hitmaker getting shooed away by a couple.

"1, 2, 3!" was initially going to be a Blackpink song, but the song was eventually given to him because people think it would fit better if a guy sang it. "When I first heard '1, 2, 3!', I found out that Blackpink's Rose had already recorded for it. It was originally Blackpink's," he said during a live stream session with fans. "But people thought that it would fit better with a guy, so I sang '1, 2, 3!' and it came out well. That's how the song came to be."

"It was originally a song that had a very scary and awesome vibe to it," he continued saying of the song. "But I added my own refreshing energy and feel to it, so it became a more energetic and confident song."

"The Great Seungri" is his first album in five years, following his previous effort "Let's Talk About Love". In support of the album, he will hold a concert at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on August 4 and 5.

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