The video also features the Seattle rapper mimicking the viral 'Cybergoth Dance Party' YouTube clip and imitating Bob Ross.

AceShowbiz - Macklemore's latest album "Gemini" may be nearly a year old, but that's not stopping the Seattle rapper from promoting the effort. He premiered a music video for "How to Play the Flute" featuring King Draino on Wednesday, July 18. It's safe to assume that the visuals is his oddest video to date.

If you think that the clip will feature a tutorial on playing the recorder, you're unfortunately wrong. The Jake Magraw-directed music video opens with Draino placing him under hypnosis on a park bench before it takes viewers into the depth of Mack's imagination. One scene shows the 35-year-old rapper playing a God as a group of angels doing Blocboy JB's popular Shoot dance above the clouds.

The video also sees Mack mimicking the viral "Cybergoth Dance Party" YouTube clip as well as imitating Bob Ross while painting a nature scene. There's also a scene where he raps on the beach with his head poking out of the sand. "Unbutton that motherf***er, nothing but a speedo/ Who's that peeking in my window? Cee-Lo," he spits. "I was on that Khujo, that Big Gipp and that T-Mo/ Dolce and Gabbana, cappucino, gelato."

"How to Play the Flute" is included on Macklemore's second solo LP "Gemini", which also features the singles "Glorious", "Marmalade" and "Good Old Days". Speaking with Zane Lowe of Beats 1, he said that his album had a varied soundscape.

"I always try to give a different palette of sounds and textures and vibes. [With] this album... I was in a good place man," he said. "There's some darker songs, for sure, but, for the most part, like, if I'm in a happy place and life is good, then that's gonna be reflected on the album."

Mack is currently hitting the road with Ke$ha for their joint tour "The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore". The tour is set to wrap up on August 5 in Tampa, Florida.

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