Evangeline Lilly Ditched MMA Training to Appear Feminine During 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' Fight Scenes
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Because MMA fighting style is 'distinctly masculine,' the actress decided to ditch her training in order to move 'as a more graceful, feminine woman.'

AceShowbiz - Evangeline Lilly didn't want to look butch in her Ant-Man and the Wasp fight scenes and insisted they reflected a more feminine style.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies star explains she wanted her character, Hope van Dyne, to be able to display feminine qualities in various situations, including fighting, because it was important for young girls to be able to "emulate her".

"In her fight scenes, as trivial as it might seem, I really pushed and fought for her to fight with elegance, grace and femininity," she tells The Hollywood Reporter. "She moves differently than a man. I wanted her to have a signature style that little girls, like I was when I was a feminine, girly little girl, would be able to fall in love with, emulate and relate to in their own movements."

Evangeline struggled with the martial arts styles producers picked out for her as she trained for the original Ant-Man movie, because they were too "masculine", so she made sure to make changes for the new movie, which hits cinemas on Thursday, July 05.

"When we did Ant-Man I had to study a little bit of Muay Thai and mixed martial arts (MMA) style fighting," she explains. "And MMA style fighting is distinctly masculine; it's got a very masculine posture and a very masculine attack, and that was so difficult for me because I don't move that way naturally.

"I really wanted to change that in this film. I wanted to move the way my body wants to move, as a more graceful, feminine woman."

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