Scott Baio Releases Letter Refuting Nicole Eggert 'Credibility' Claims
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'She can't be trusted, and she can't be believed,' a letter from Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey about Nicole reads.

AceShowbiz - Officials working for the the Los Angeles County District Attorney have refuted actress Nicole Eggert's claims they found her sexual assault accusations against Scott Baio credible.

The Happy Days star hit headlines earlier this year after his former TV co-star accused him of sexually molesting her on multiple occasions on the set of their 1980s sitcom Charles in Charge.

The actress alleged she was a minor at the time, but Baio maintained he only had sex with Eggert once, after she turned 18, and insisted it was consensual.

Prosecutors reviewed the case and shut it down last month, citing the expiration of the statute of limitations at the time of the alleged incidents, when victims had three years to report complaints to police.

Eggert previously claimed an official representing the District Attorney reportedly told her that although he found her claims "credible", the officials wouldn't be able to take criminal action, because of the statute of limitations.

However, the lawmakers are now refuting those claims, insisting the statute of limitations was the only factor in their decision to not prosecute.

"No one from the District Attorney's Office has made any public comments about the credibility of anyone interviewed in connection with this case," a letter from Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey reads.

"First Nicole Eggert claimed it was the DA herself who found Eggert's story credible," Baio tells The Blast. "After releasing Jackie Lacey's letter today proving that false, Nicole Eggert has changed her story again, and now refuses to name her so-called source. Nicole Eggert has been caught one time after another. She can't be trusted, and she can't be believed."

Baio is reportedly planning to sue Eggert.

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