During an interview, the 'Happy Days' actor reveals he took five separate polygraph tests to prove his innocence.

AceShowbiz - Scott Baio has no intention of going to court over Nicole Eggert's sexual harassment allegations.

The actor is looking to put the the claims made by his former "Charles in Charge" co-star behind him and won't be pursuing a libel case against her.

Eggert first came forward with her statements in January, alleging she was 14 when Baio began abusing her.

In June, the case was dismissed after members of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office determined the statute of limitations of the case had expired.

"My reputation is very important to me and it's (been) impeccable up until this person decided to make up stuff about me," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I'm not gonna go through that circus of a court, which will give her everything she wants, I'm not doing that."

During the interview, the star revealed he took five separate polygraph tests to prove his innocence. The tests were also applied to allegations brought by Alexander Polinsky, another former castmember on the sitcom.

Baio has admitted to having a consensual sexual relationship with Eggert after she turned 18 but denies her allegations of misconduct.

"She's been calling me a rapist and a child molester for the last eight months and it's all a lie," Baio said.

He also noted the toll the case has taken on him and his family.

"She's been smearing my wife calling her very, very bad names and people read this stuff. She went after my child, saying publicly for her to be careful around me. Can you imagine this? And that's maybe five per cent of what's been going on."

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