Toby Kebbell Joins Cast of 'Bloodshot'
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The British actor will portray villain Axe, who is brought back from the dead and turned into a super human with the help of nanotechnology.

AceShowbiz - Actor Toby Kebbell is set to suit up as another supervillain after joining the cast of Vin Diesel's Bloodshot.

The British star will portray Axe opposite Diesel as the titular Valiant comics character, also known as Ray Garrison, who is brought back from the dead and turned into a super human with the help of nanotechnology.

The movie, directed by Deadpool filmmaker Tim Miller's longtime sidekick Dave Wilson, will also feature Michael Sheen, Eiza Gonzalez, Talulah Riley, Alex Hernandez, and Sam Heughan.

Producer Neal Moritz has also been brought on board, reuniting with Diesel after they worked together on the Fast and Furious franchise, reports

Oscar-nominated Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer has penned the script for Bloodshot, which is due to begin production in July.

Kebbell is no stranger to tackling evil roles - he played Victor Von Doom and his alter ego Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four reboot, which proved to be a huge flop at the box office and was savaged by fans and critics alike.

He previously admitted film roles offered to him temporarily dried up after Fantastic Four hit cinemas in August, 2015.

"As an actor, you're conscious that your career is at stake with each job, especially on these larger productions," he explained in an interview in late 2015. "A film like that comes out, and I'm being sent maybe four scripts in a week, and those scripts go to zero when it doesn't come out successful (sic)."

Kebbell regretted not voicing his opinions on the set of the film, insisting the project would have been better received if he had.

"The fans aren't wrong," he said. "The fans want what they want to see and if they don't get satisfaction, they let you know. I appreciate that as a performer. I don't know if I learned anything from Doom, apart from, perhaps, when I see something I don't agree with, to voice that immediately."

He wasn't the only cast member upset with the finished product and its poor reviews - Kate Mara couldn't even bring herself to watch the film, and director Josh Trank attacked his own movie upon its release.

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