Evangeline Lilly Reveals She Hid in Airport Bathroom to Escape Talent Scout

The 'Hobbit' actress says she had to go to the bathroom because the talent scout refused to give up.

AceShowbiz - Actress Evangeline Lilly recently escaped an overzealous talent scout by dashing to the airport bathroom after going unrecognised while sitting next to the woman on a flight.

The "Hobbit" franchise star was en route to Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 19 to promote "Ant-Man and the Wasp", the upcoming sequel to her 2015 Marvel blockbuster "Ant-Man", and found herself seated beside another industry professional.

However, the scout failed to realise Evangeline was already established in Hollywood, and spent the entire six-hour plane journey trying to convince the beauty to sign on as her client.

"I just got scouted by a modeling and acting scout," Evangeline told her Twitter fans at the time.

She has since detailed the whole saga on TV while on the press tour for the new movie, insisting she wasn't offended at not being recognised, as the lady claimed she looked like Julia Roberts.

"I don't think that's that difficult (to not recognise me)," she told breakfast show "Good Morning America" on Friday, June 22. "I mean, I haven't done that many movies."

Evangeline, who is also a children's book author, then recalled how the woman had showered her with compliments to try and sway her: "She was like, 'You have potential, I'm telling you sweetheart! You could be a model, you could be an actress.'

"I'm like, 'No, no, I'm not interested in the industry. Actually, I'm a writer.' She's like, 'Oh, you see! You could write scripts!'"

Even after repeatedly declining to be taken under the scout's wing, the woman refused to give up.

"She was like, 'Do you have baggage checked...? I'm gonna walk you to the baggage carousel...,'" Evangeline added on talk show "The View". "She was not gonna leave me until she absolutely had to. In the end, I told her I had to go to the bathroom!"

The actress admits getting off the flight brought about other concerns as she worried her cover-up story would be exposed if she was spotted by airport paparazzi.

"Because I was going to L.A. for press, I was like, what if I get off the plane and there's paparazzi, and she's like, 'You have been lying to me for six hours? What is this!'" she laughed.

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