The Emmy-winning actress says she almost walked away from 'ER' and considered to take a role on a flop sitcom, but Clooney convinced her to stay on the medical drama.

AceShowbiz - Julianna Margulies owes her career to George Clooney, because he stopped her from walking away from TV medical drama ER and onto the set of a flop sitcom.

The actress reveals her ER character originally died in the pilot episode of the show and she considered taking a role in another series that would have prevented her from returning to the medical drama.

But Clooney called her and urged her to stay by the phone and turn down the other show.

"Honestly I owe my career to George Clooney," Julianna told U.S. late night host Seth Meyers on Tuesday, June 12. "Let me explain, I seriously owe my career to George Clooney because my character died in the pilot of ER".

"I was about to sign on to a not-very-good sitcom because I came back to New York," she added. "I needed a job. He called me out of the blue, kind of put his neck out on the line for me and said, 'I heard that your character tested well. And if I were you I wouldn't take another job because I think they're going to bring you back to life'".

Margulies went on to portray nurse Carol Hathaway on the show from 1994 to 2000 and became the love interest for Clooney's character, Dr. Doug Ross.

The TV couple also reunited for the ER finale in 2009.

"We did all of that in secret," she added. "Not even the cast and crew knew. They flew us to Seattle, but they flew George on the Warner Bros. private jet. I took commercial".

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