BTS' RM, Suga and J-Hope Blast Haters on Diss Track 'Ddaeng'

Co-produced by Suga, the song features the rappers of the group rhyming about how they have dominated the K-Pop industry despite the criticism that they got in the past.

AceShowbiz - Being popular means haters will come along to slam everything that you do, but BTS (Bangtan Boys) has a perfect response to them. RM (Rap Monster), Suga and J-Hope have released a diss track entitled "Ddaeng", taking aim at their haters.

The title of the song refers to the sound of a bell which is used to represent a wrong answer. Co-produced by Suga, the song features the rappers of the group delivering verses about how they have dominated the K-Pop industry regardless of the haters. During the group's early years, the three often faced criticism from within South Korea's hip-hop scene, calling them typical idol rappers.

"Isn't it funny, isn't it funny? Dear/ Don't you feel dumbfounded? Dear/ Honestly why are these people, dear/ Why are they making a fuss like that, dear," J-Hope raps, before Suga follows it up with his own verses, "Billboard is all thanks to you/ No one else is above us/ Because we are failing thanks."

Fans of the South Korean boyband, known as ARMY, are obviously loving the track. It doesn't take too long for them to gush over their idols in the comment section. "All of you are super perfect. I'm so proud of you my boys," one fan writes. One other adds, "my new aesthetic this beat is freaking amazing." There's also a fan who demands the group to put the song on iTunes.

"Ddaeng" is part of the boyband's fifth-year anniversary celebration called BTS' 2018 Festa celebration. Prior to this, they released a rock version of some hits such as "Spring Days" and "Fake Love". Jin also premiered a cover of Yoon Do Hyun's 1994 classic "In Front of the Post Office in Autumn." It marked his first solo track uploaded to the group's Soundcloud account since December 2016, when he released a Christmastime version of "Awake".

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