Jenna Dewan Reveals Scary Experience as Backup Dancer for Janet Jackson's Tour
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The 'Step Up' star says she blacked out after doing a big stunt for the 'All for You' Tour with Janet, during which other dancers threw her in the air and dropped her on her head.

AceShowbiz - Janet Jackson once gifted Jenna Dewan a box of sex toys.

The actress and TV host kicked off her career in 2000 when she appeared in "Janet's Doesn't Really Matter" video and later worked her way up to a backup dancer on the singer's "All for You" Tour in 2001, all before breaking out in Hollywood as the lead opposite estranged husband Channing Tatum in 2007 film "Step Up".

During an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Tuesday night (May 22), Jenna spoke about what it was like to work for the music icon and divulged that Janet would often shower her dance crew with a range of extravagant and unusual presents.

"She was a very generous boss, she would give us amazing gifts. I have a blinged out diamond watch," she said, adding that Janet also splashed out one Valentine's Day. "She gives us a box of vibrators. Like a pleasure chest. Everyone got it. I was like, 'What is this?'"

But one of the best gifts Jenna received came amid rehearsals for the "All for You" HBO special. Spontaneously, Janet decided to fly her dancers to a beautiful Caribbean island.

"She comes and she's like, 'Everyone pack your bags, we are going to fly to Anguilla tomorrow and we're going to rehearse for two weeks.' Everyone's celebrating and I had no idea... I was like, 'Do I need a swimsuit? Do I need a ski suit?'" the 37-year-old recalled. "We'd wake up, go out onto the beach, lay out, then rehearse from 2pm until 7pm, then go to the clubs. And then repeat, for two weeks."

The "World of Dance" presenter also explained that Janet, 52, took an interest in all of her dancers and personally invited her to come on her tour. And though the trek was a total blast, Jenna had one scary experience onstage.

"I did a really big stunt for the 'All for You' Tour in Hawaii with Janet. (The dancers) threw me in the air, they dropped me on my head, I blacked out," she recalled.

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