Jodie Foster Still on Crutches Following Skiing Accident
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Back in March, Foster limped on to the stage at the Oscars, joking that she was attacked by Meryl Streep.

AceShowbiz - Jodie Foster is still hobbling around on crutches months after injuring herself on a skiing trip.

The actress and director has turned up to support her promotional duties surrounding her new movie "Hotel Artemis", in which she plays the manager of a secret hospital for criminals, and she admits she's still nursing a bad injury.

"I had a skiing accident a while back but they waited for the surgery until a couple of weeks ago, so I'm still recovering," Jodie tells WENN. "I feel pretty good. They have all these bionic parts, so I think it will heal fine and I'll be skiing by next year."

Foster limped on to the stage at the Oscars back in March and blamed her injury on Meryl Streep.

She didn't explain why she was on crutches as she joined fellow Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence to present the Best Female Actress award at the ceremony, but the two stars had a little fun at Meryl's expense.

When Jennifer asked what had happened, Jodie sighed and snarled, "Streep", pointing at the "Mamma Mia!" star in the front row and adding, "She I, Tonya'd me", referring to Margot Robbie's Oscar-nominated film about the rivalry between ice skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Harding was accused of hiring a hitman to attack her rival, shattering her kneecap.

Jodie added, "I prefer not to discuss it," prompting Lawrence to quip, "No, it's cool. She tripped me once... She's always so nice at the luncheons." Foster then added, "Yeah, she's acting," before pointing at Streep, who was wiping tears of laughter from her eyes, and threatening, "You wait!"

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