Report: Eric Balfour Accused of Harassing Neighbors for Years

Nuanchan Suklom alleges that the '24' star frequently trespasses onto his family's property to leave threatening notes in addition to send 'nonsensical' emails.

AceShowbiz - Actor Eric Balfour has been accused of harassing his next-door neighbours in a new lawsuit.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, a man named Nuanchan Suklom has requested a restraining order against the 41-year-old, who he claims is his neighbour in Venice, California.

Suklom alleged that Balfour has harassed him, his wife and daughter, and stated that the former 24 star frequently trespasses onto their property to leave threatening notes, while also sending "nonsensical" emails and making phone calls.

He accused Balfour of taking pictures of his wife and daughter too, and alleged that the harassment dates back to 2015.

Balfour has rejected the allegations and in a statement issued via his lawyer, said that the neighbourly war broke out after he and his wife Erin Chiamulon decided to remodel their home - something that Suklom objected to.

A judge has denied Suklom's request for a temporary restraining order until a hearing in June.

Meanwhile, a representative for Balfour told The Blast on Friday, May 18 that Suklom's request for a restraining order was news to them.

"Eric and his wife are currently renovating their home and were aware that the neighbour has made numerous complaints to the city about their remodel," they said. "Eric has been friendly and cordial through the entire process and even agreeing to the neighbour's requested changes."

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