Evangeline Lilly Accuses 'Misogynistic' Stunt Coordinator on 'Lost' Intentionally Injured Her

The 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' star claimed that the stunt coordinator punished her for declining his wish to have a stuntwoman do a stunt because the actress wanted to do it herself.

AceShowbiz - Evangeline Lilly recalls her stunt experience years ago on the set of "Lost". The Kate Austen depicter reveals during a panel discussion on the FOX lot about women in the stunt business that a "misogynistic" stunt coordinator is responsible for a forearms injury she suffered on the set of the series.

"There were open wounds, pus-y and oozing," the "Ant-Man and the Wasp" star said on Wednesday night, May 16. "I looked like a mutant. My mom said, 'You'll never be able to wear an evening gown again!' "

According to Deadline, Evangeline claimed that an unnamed, "misogynistic" stunt coordinator punished the actress for declining his wish to have a stuntwoman do a stunt because Evangeline wanted to do it herself. That involved rolling off a thick tree branch high above the ground and hanging on for dear life, though there was no risk of falling because she was safely harnessed to the branch.

When Evangeline asked to have a moleskin, a light fabric used to prevent abrasions, wrapped around her forearms, the stunt coordinator reportedly denied the request. He argued that it would show up on screen. That led to Evangeline doing the stunt without anything protecting her arms.

As if that's not risky enough, the stunt coordinator allegedly asked Evangeline to perform the stunt again and again, making her skin ripped off from the branch. It was also reported that she would then have liquid bandage painfully applied to her lesions before proceeding with the stunt again.

"I felt it was him saying, 'I'm going to put you in your place for standing up to me,' " she added. "It was either cow to his power or hurt myself. I was in my 20s then. Now, I would probably back down."

"Lost" is an ABC drama that aired from 2004 to 2010. It followed the survivors of a commercial jet airliner crash, flying between Sydney and Los Angeles, California, on a mysterious tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean. Created by J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber and Daniel Lindelof, the show also starred Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Ian Somerhalder and Daniel Dae Kim.

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