The Bedlam depicter says he is forbidden from sharing the casting news to his family because Marvel is strict when it comes to keeping details about its projects.

AceShowbiz - Terry Crews is thrilled to finally to discuss his involvement in "Deadpool 2" because he was even forbidden from sharing the casting news with his wife. "The Expendables" star portrays mutant superhero Bedlam in Ryan Reynolds' new movie, but Marvel studio officials are so strict when it comes to keeping details about their projects under wraps, Terry had no one to share his excitement with.

"It was the biggest secret," he said on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah", joking, "If I would have told anybody I was in it, they would have owned my kids! Marvel is about secrecy. It's like the CIA, FBI...!" Terry continued, "I was walking to set in my whole costume in a blanket, hiding from paparazzi, from fanboys [obsessed fans]. They want any bit of information and we had to keep this thing... under lock and key."

The actor couldn't even tell his immediate family where he was going as he left for work each day. Likening the situation to the disappearing act comic book character Bruce Banner does whenever he transforms into the Hulk, he quipped, "I walked away like Bruce Banner, into the forest, like, 'I'll be back,' and [when] I come back out, I'm a little dirtier, a little tired. I'm like, 'I did it...!' "

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