John Travolta Responds to Viral Dance Moves With 50 Cent at Cannes: It's the Least I Can Do
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The 'Gotti' star jumped onstage and joined 50 Cent who was singing 'Just a Lil Bit' at the French film festival, grooving to the rapper's 2005 hit song.

AceShowbiz - John Travolta stole the spotlight at the Cannes Film Festival, not because of his movie, but because of his dance moves. The 64-year-old actor apparently still has got the moves from his time starring in musical films "Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease", and he showed it off during 50 Cent's performance on Tuesday night, May 15.

The Oscar-nominated actor jumped onstage while the rapper sang his 2005 hit song, "Just a Lil Bit", at the after-party of Travolta's movie "Gotti" premiere. Travolta was seen in a video, which has been shared online on social media, grooving to the song, while many audience members wouldn't miss the moment and captured it on their phone cameras.

50 Cent posted the video on his Twitter page. "Me and John Travolta partying [laughing emoji] l swear l only came out here because of him," he wrote in the caption.

On Instagram, 50 Cent shared his picture with Travolta onstage. He captioned it, "We had a ball out in France, good people good energy."

We had a ball out in France, good people good energy. #lecheminduroi

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh 50 Cent (@50cent) pada

He also shared his picture with the actor suiting up at Cannes, writing along with it, "You gotta check out my John Travolta's New movie Gotti he is great in it."

After his dance video became viral, Travolta explained his impulsive instinct to dance during 50 Cent's performance. "It was my idea to go up and do it. I couldn't leave him hanging," he told USA Today by phone on Wednesday. "I thought, 'I'm going to go and make something viral here. If (50 Cent) is going to travel 20 hours to get here, the least I can do is go up and hang with him on stage.' "

Travolta, who was thankful that the rapper stepped in to perform at the after-party of his movie premiere at the French film festival, added, "I thought 'He's telling all these people that he came all the way to France to kind of be with me. I have to go up and dance with him.' "

Asked if he had a name for his dance moves, the "Pulp Fiction" actor said, "The dance was just whatever I felt at the moment, it doesn't really have a name to it. It's just being cool, I guess."

Originally, it was supposed to be Pitbull who performed at the after-party. "But Pitbull got sick in Vegas and lost his voice, so he had to cancel," Travolta explained. "One of the producers knew 50 Cent and asked if he could replace him. (50 Cent) asked, 'Do I get to hang with John Travolta if I do that?' "

The two had earlier hung out at the "Solo: A Star Wars Story" premiere in Cannes before hanging out together at the "Gotti" premiere.

While Travolta didn't sing during 50 Cent's performance, he is "anticipating singing along with the screening and dancing like everyone else" in Cannes heading to the screening of "Grease", which is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

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