The 'Famous' rapper and his team are now reportedly calling for the lawsuit to be dismissed, saying that the camouflage design is so common.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West has brushed off allegations suggesting he ripped off camouflage design ideas for his Yeezy Apparel brand from another company. Bosses at Jordan Outdoor Enterprises filed suit in March, claiming a Yeezy representative contacted them and asked to use the Realtree line pattern for a series of clothing items.

They insisted the design would have to be licensed, but later discovered their camouflage print had allegedly been copied and used without permission on Yeezy releases.

Now Kanye and his legal team have fired back at the accusations, insisting there was nothing about the Jordan Outdoor pieces that could be protected under law anyway, as the camouflage design is so common. According to TMZ, they are calling for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

The plaintiffs had been seeking unspecified damages and a court order halting the sale of the existing Yeezy merchandise, and the destruction of any remaining pieces.

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