Martin Freeman Thinks U.K. Government Should Tax Him More

The 'Black Panther' actor is concerned that the U.K. government policies have left more people homeless.

AceShowbiz - Martin Freeman thinks he should be taxed more. "Sherlock" actor Martin is one of the busiest men in showbiz right now. He's already starred in two big movies this year, horror "Ghost Stories" and Marvel record-breaker "Black Panther", and he has a further two releases due before 2018 is out.

As well as his acting career, Martin is often politically outspoken, and is an avid supporter of Britain's left-wing Labour Party. While he's previously admitted to turning down guest spots on political panel shows, for fear of being "taken to the cleaners," Martin did have one message for politicians - increase his tax.

"I do genuinely think this government is f**king up. I really do," he told The Jackal magazine of Britain's Conservative government, led by Theresa May. "And that's not to say that a Labour government would be doing much better. But I think people are being hit genuinely really badly, who shouldn't be. That's why I'd happily vote for someone who's going to tax me more."

"I think I should be taxed more. I've got more money than a lot of people. In my lifetime, there have always been homeless people. Now there's even more," he explained.

It's a subject the 46-year-old feels passionately about, and he went on to explain how the austerity measures implemented in the U.K. are forcing people to use food banks, and how some are even ending up homeless as they can't afford their houses any longer. "I don't know what we expect to happen, but if you're doing that and cutting the police, what the f**k do you think is going to happen?" he vented.

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