Rose McGowan Tried Expose Harvey Weinstein as Alleged Rapist on Billboard
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The 'Charmed' alum reveals she once planned to use the money she got from Weinstein in return for her silence to buy a sign on Sunset Boulevard and shame the movie mogul.

AceShowbiz - Actress Rose McGowan once planned to buy a billboard to expose Harvey Weinstein as an alleged rapist. The "Charmed" star was promoting her new book, "Brave", on Britain's "The Jeremy Vine Show recently" when she revealed all about her plot to shame the man she claims sexually abused her at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah in 1997.

Rose told the host she wanted to use some of the money she allegedly received from Weinstein in return for her silence to buy a massive sign on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. "I requested money. I wanted to buy a billboard that said 'his name' is a rapist," she explained. "I thought if no-one was going to listen to me, then I could make them, on Sunset Boulevard, outside the Chateau Marmont hotel. I wanted that billboard right there."

"I called them myself, Net Outdoors, the biggest billboard company at the time. They turned me down, surprisingly."

McGowan explained she donated some of the money to a rape crisis foundation and then foolishly thought a few therapy sessions could help her undo the damage that Harvey had allegedly done. "I thought if I went to therapy, bless my young heart, for at least two months I could solve this. And I could get back to who I was."

The actress also repeated claims that Weinstein's staff covered up his bad behaviour. "There were two assistants that opened the door when I was sent upstairs (to Weinstein's hotel suite)," she recalled. "I remember saying a very chipper, 'Good morning,' and they wouldn't look at me. I remember thinking, 'You're not very friendly - that's rude' And afterwards you replay every moment, every reason why they didn't look at you."

Weinstein has denied all non-consensual sex claims made against him.

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