Calvin Harris Shuts Down Dua Lipa Romance Rumors

The Scottish record producer responds to the rumors by saying that he will not date the songstress due to their age gap.

AceShowbiz - Calvin Harris has ruled out trying to romance Dua Lipa as he feels almost old enough to be her father. The DJ, who has enjoyed romances with Taylor Swift and Rita Ora, has teamed up with Dua, 22, on a new track, "One Kiss", which has soared to the top of the U.K. singles chart.

Their collaboration sparked rumours their relationship might go beyond the professional, but Calvin, 34, says it would be "creepy" to think of her in that way - as he's closer in age to Dua's dad than her. "We shot the video on Friday, and it's amazing and I mean that in the most non-creepy way, she looked great. But I've met her dad and I am about his age!" he told Britain's Daily Star newspaper.

The Scottish musician admits he had to pursue the "New Rules" singer hard to get her to work on the track as she initially didn't call him back because she's not a fan of dance music. "She listened to it again and really liked it but in the meantime someone from her label said, 'Oh yeah Dua hates dance music, she hates any dance music so she probably won't do it,' " Calvin revealed.

However, after some persuading, she eventually found time in her busy schedule, as he explained, "She had like a four hour window in LA. She nailed it super quick."

Dua split from her boyfriend Paul Klein in January 2018, and told GQ magazine that she had played him songs about their waning romance without letting him know they were personal. "When I would write songs, I would play them to him," she recalled. "The thing was, when I played him songs and I didn't want to let him know they were about him, I would say, ‘Well, this song is about this person who is dealing with this crazy thing, so I just decided to base it on their stories and isn't it interesting?' ".

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