Travis Scott Files Countersuit Against Promoter of Minnesota Show

The 'Butterfly Effect' spitter is suing back PJAM for violating a confidentiality agreement by speaking to media about the gig days.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Travis Scott (II) is countersuing promoters who have accused the new dad of skipping a Super Bowl show in Minnesota to spend time with his girlfriend. He claims that the promoters never sent him a confirmed travel itinerary for the Minnesota show.

In his suit, obtained by TMZ, he claims he learned PJAM didn't have the cash to cover his expenses or the remaining $50,000 they owed him. Travis has also accused the promoters of violating a confidentiality agreement by speaking to TMZ about the gig days before the show.

His attorney, Howard King, tells TMZ PJAM's lawsuit is "an obvious effort to shake Travis down and avoid the consequences of their breaches." He adds, "Instead of pursuing a misguided attempt to spin the narrative and salvage their tattered reputation, the responsible step would have been for PJAM to pay Travis the balance of his fee and move on to their next opportunity.

"Travis apologises to any fans who were duped by these promoters into showing up at the cancelled show even after the promoters failed to take the steps to get Travis there," he continues

Travis is now seeking the additional $50,000 he never received.

In their lawsuit, PJAM LLC officials claimed they paid the star $150,000 of a $200,000 fee to perform at Myth Live in Minnesota on 3 February, while his agent also allegedly secured a $10,000 booking fee.

The promoters claimed Scott refused to show up amid reports suggesting weather conditions were preventing him from getting to the gig. The rapper did, however, make it to a show in Las Vegas the same night, and he and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner announced the news they had become parents the following day.

PJAM bosses insist they suffered "reputational harm" based upon Scott's failure to perform.

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