Abby Lee Miller Moves to Halfway House After Being Released From Prison Early
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The 'Dance Moms' alum has been transferred to the Residential Reentry Center in Long Beach after serving her one-year-and-a-day sentence for eight months in prison.

AceShowbiz - Abby Lee Miller walked out of prison a few months earlier than scheduled. The "Dance Moms" alum, who was arrested for bankruptcy fraud, was transferred to the Residential Reentry Center in Long Beach on Tuesday, March 27.

The halfway house provides a structured and supervised environment where she'll be given employment counseling, job placement and financial management assistance. Typically, inmates must pay for their housing and medical care and must pass drug tests during their stays.

Miller's former prison consultant and coach, Jennifer Myers, tells Entertainment Tonight that things are "a bit more restricted" in the halfway house than in prison. "The halfway house is not a fun place to be. The men and women are segregated, but she will be with women she does not know," Myers explains.

Myers goes on explaining that Miller "most likely will not be in a cell, there are actual rooms inside the facility." She adds, "She will not be wearing an ankle bracelet or anything like that. When she leaves, she can go wherever, she just needs to be back by curfew, and she will definitely not want to miss that."

According to Myers, Miller will go through a strict orientation for a week before she can start working on her job. Miller will also be able to have visitors during her stay. "Abby will be able to visit people when they come in, there will be a visiting area," she notes.

"She's not in a cell, but it is still a secured place. It's not run by armed guards, it's run by people employed by the halfway house contracted with the bureau of prisons," she continues. "She will have someone bring her clothing, but there is a limit to how much you can bring. She will certainly have more than she was incarcerated with though."

Miller is set to leave the halfway house on May 25. However, Myers speculates that Miller may request to serve the last 10 percent of her sentence in home confinement. "She will probably be there for a bit, but not all the way up until May 25," she says.

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