Video: Bow Wow Beaten Up for Allegedly Talking 'S**t' About Future

A man is captured on camera attacking the 'Bounce with Me' hitmaker backstage of a show after the latter allegedly trash talked fellow rapper Future.

AceShowbiz - %cBow Wow% was caught in a video getting punched in the face by one of %cFuture%'s homies. He allegedly got beaten up by an up-and-coming rapper named %cCheeks Bossman% for allegedly talking bad about fellow rapper Future.

In the footage that was first shared through the Worldstar Instagram account, Bow Wow was walking with his entourage before someone could be heard yelling, "What's up with that Future s**t?" and ran up on him. The man, who is identified as Cheeks, was then seen attacking Bow Wow, knocking him to the ground before his team tried to restrain Cheeks.

Both Bow Wow and Cheeks have taken to Instagram Live to share their accounts of what actually went down. The "Let Me Hold You" hitmaker claimed, "Ya can run with it, play with it but all I'm saying is right now-on my daughter, it didn't go down like that. And y'all ain't never heard me put nothing on my daughter like that." He added, "That s**t ain't slide like that."

He also claimed the video was actually from five months ago and was edited. "5 month old videos? Edited at that. Karma a mafukka," he wrote on Instagram. "The streets got it. All Ima say is this.... Stay in the house."

Watching Bow Wow's Instagram Live session, Cheeks accused him of lying. "Bow Wow stop lying to them people, man ... Bow Wow on the internet lying," Cheeks responded. "Talking about 'It didn't go down like that.' " He continued, "Don't ever talk about nobody in Free Bandz. No kind of way. No shape or form. We do not tolerate no disrespect from anybody."

While it wasn't clear what Bow Wow said about Future, many doubted the authenticity of the video that documented the two rappers' encounter. Bow Wow has been accused of faking things for attention several times.

He previously shared a fake private jet photo that sparked the #BowWowChallenge. He was also caught photoshopping images and accused of faking videos of adoring fans.

Explaining the video, The Shade Room wrote on its Instagram page, "Apparently the video is from an incident that happened last year, and the part that was left off camera was when he defended himself. However, a fan gave a play by play of the incident on Twitter."

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