O.J. Simpson Almost Guest-Starred on 'The Simpsons'

Simpson was revealed to be offered to guest-star in one of the popular episodes of the long-running series but turned it down, according to showrunner Al Jean.

AceShowbiz - Al Jean, showrunner of "The Simpsons", has just revealed a shocking fact. Taking to his Twitter account, Jean revealed that O.J. Simpson nearly appeared as a guest star in an episode of the long-running series.

"Ironically OJ simpson airs on fox 25 years to the day after the episode we asked him to be in (pre-murders) and he turned down," Jean, who has been with the fan-favorite animated show for 30 years, wrote on the micro-blogging site. Simpson was said to be offered to voice a character in a 1993 episode of the fourth season of "The Simpsons" titled "Last Exit to Springfield."

"last exit to Springfield fortunately he passed and we got Dr. Joyce [Brothers]," Jean explained in a separate tweet.

In the episode, Homer was pointed as the head of the power plant union. It was also the episode where the famous "Lisa needs braces!" scene appeared.

It remains to be seen what character Simpson was supposed to voice. However, along with Homer and Mr. Burns, Brothers appeared as herself on the Kent Brockman-hosted fake news show named "Smartline".

The writer/producer's shocking revelation was oddly timed with the announcement that Simpson's lost interview, "O.J. Simpson: The Last Confession", about the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is finally airing on FOX. In the 2006 interview, which aired on Sunday on FOX, he discussed with Judith Regan how he hypothetically would have killed Nicole and Ron if he had done it.

Soledad O'Brien hosted the new special with a panel of analysts discussing the interview afterwards.

The interview was originally done to promote his book "If I Did It". The "wide-ranging" and "no-holds-barred" interview was later canceled following the outcry from the Brown and Goldman families.

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