Did Blac Chyna Leak Her Own Sex Tape? Kris Jenner Thinks the Model Would Do Anything for PR

Kris is speculating that it was the model 'herself that 'leaked' the tape, because, as far as she's concerned, there's nothing Chyna wouldn't do in the hopes of some publicity,' says a source.

AceShowbiz - Was %cBlac Chyna% the one who leaked her own sex tape? %cKris Jenner% thinks so. According to a source, the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch is speculating that the 29-year-old model leaked the explicit video herself "in the hopes of some publicity."

To HollywoodLife.com, the source said, "As soon as the news broke, Rob [%cRob Kardashian%] called Kris, who told him it could possibly work in his favor when it comes to his ongoing lawsuit with Chyna," referring to Blac's allegations that the Kardashians mistreated her, including by axing the former couple's show "Rob & Chyna".

The source went on telling the webloid that "Kris also speculated that she wouldn't be surprised if it was Chyna herself that 'leaked' the tape, because, as far as she's concerned, there's nothing Chyna wouldn't do in the hopes of some publicity."

The explicit video showing Blac performing oral sex on a man, who was recently revealed to be her other ex, %cMechie%, was leaked on Monday, February 19 by an anonymous Twitter user. Her baby daddy Rob is reportedly beyond upset over the model's sex tape scandal, as he is concerned for their 15-month-old daughter Dream.

"Rob feels sick to his stomach over the sex tape, and he's refusing to watch it, even though some of his friends have sent him links to it," another insider told the gossip site. "Rob knows that when Dream and even King Cairo [Blac's son with %cTyga%] get older, they will be able to see this incident among -- everything else that's happened -- and it will just be another sore spot in a history of incidents surrounding her," one other source added.

"It's just a sad situation all around for him," the source noted. "The only silver lining that could come out of all of this," according to the insider, "Is if Blac didn't release the video."

Twitterverse went wild when the tape was reposted by %cCardi B%'s BFF and Instagram model Star Brim. Star admitted to reposting the video because it was "entertaining." While many users thought the model was behind the leak, she has since denied the accusation, explaining in a YouTube video that there were no ill intentions involved with her post.

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