Marilyn Manson Abruptly Ends New York Show After Onstage Meltdown, Fans Demand Refund

During the show, Manson throws his microphone, performs with his back to the crowd, pushes over an amp and eventually walks offstage after claiming fans don't love him.

AceShowbiz - Marilyn Manson's return to the stage didn't go as planned. Four months after the singer was forced to cancel several shows due to onstage injury, Manson resumed his "Heaven Upside Down" tour in New York on Thursday, February 15. However, he abruptly ended the show following an apparent meltdown onstage.

According to Newsday, Manson performed "The Reflecting God", "Deep Six" and "This Is the New S**t" before things began to go south. He started telling the crowd to show him more love if they wanted to hear more songs. Manson then threw his microphone, performed with his back to the crowd and pushed over an amp. He eventually walked offstage after claiming the fans didn't love him.

Things got even more chaotic afterward, with the audience members tossing plastic cups and yelling out angry phrases. Manson came back and started mindlessly jamming before leaving the stage for good. It caused the crowd to chant, "Refund! Refund! Refund!"

"I want a refund! It was horrible," a concertgoer named Trisha Bernado said after leaving the venue. "He couldn't even talk."

Another audience member, Claudio Alvarez, said, "Maybe he needed some hugs or TLC, but this is New York and he's not going to get that here. He's a professional who has got to do what he's got to do. I love the guy, but this was too much."

"You can't even call this a show," a concertgoer said. "I've been a fan since I was 5 years old. I grew up listening to him, but he's dead to me at this point."

Reps for Manson have yet to comment on the incident.

Manson kicked off "Heaven Upside Down" tour last October, but was forced to cancel dates after a gun-shaped prop fell on him. "It definitely could have crushed my skull and my ribs," he said of the accident. "I have some minor bruising in that area, but it took six guys to pull it off of me. It was like wrestling a giant iron monster."

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