LA Times Writer Apologizes After Calling Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum a Gay Couple

'The box features a gay couple for Valentine's Day,' David Wharton tweeted after ordering Domino's pizza in Korea which has the two actors as its models.

AceShowbiz - Los Angeles Times writer David Wharton mistook %cSong Joong Ki% and %cPark Bo Gum% as a gay couple after seeing the two actors on the box of Korean Domino's pizza. The sportswriter is recently in PyeongChang, Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Not used to the culture in the Asian country, Wharton tweeted along with a picture of the pizza box, "3 things about Domino's in South Korea - it's pretty damn good, it's pretty damn expensive ($25 plus for a large) and the box features a gay couple for Valentine's Day."

Needless to say, his tweet enraged the two Hallyu stars' fans. "Wow I'm surprised that you call yourself a reporter when you don't do the basic search about the country you visit for the job!! If you don't know a damn thing about the country, it's a good idea to try to learn before you post rubbish opinion! Shame one you!" one criticized Wharton.

Another similarly commented, "I felt deeply concerned for the credibility for you as a reporter. These two men are literally the most celebrity in South Korea, it is a mistake you didn't even search before you made a comment. And it is even worse to make a comment without any knowledge regarding local views."

Learning of people's comments, Wharton has removed his initial post. He also posted an apology, writing on his Twitter account, "Apologies for previous tweet re: Domino's box. Mistook what the image represented."

Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum have a close relationship as a senior and junior in acting world. Their bromance is highly emphasized in commercials for Korean Domino's pizza which often feature them doing sweet things, like feeding each other.

Joong Ki himself is happily married to %cSong Hye Kyo%. The "Descendants of the Sun" stars tied the knot on October 31, 2017 in a private ceremony at Hotel Shilla in Seoul, with Bo Gum among the celebrity guests.

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