Big Bang's G-Dragon's Military Enlistment Date Announced

The 'Crooked' hitmaker plans to enlist quietly before the end of the month, YG Entertainment confirms.

AceShowbiz - G-Dragon's imminent military enlistment is right around the corner. The Big Bang member has received his mandatory military enlistment summon and his agency YG Entertainment has confirmed his enlistment date.

"It's true that he has received his draft notice. The Big Bang members had always been thinking about enlisting as soon as they receive their draft notices. As such, G-Dragon will be enlisting as an active-duty soldier on February 27," the company says in a statement.

It adds, "He plans on quietly enlisting without an official farewell event in order to prevent any chaos from occurring on scene that day. He will diligently carry out his military service." A specific enlistment location is not revealed as G-Dragon intends to enlist quietly.

G-Dragon previously received a mandatory military enlistment summon in November last year, but he delayed it because of Big Bang's "Last Dance Tour" in Japan in December. Celebrities can delay enlistment once for promotional reasons for 3 months.

Addressing his impending military enlistment, the 29-year-old rapper/singer/songwriter tearfully said to the audience at the concert, "Just like when winter goes, spring comes, everyone please stay healthy and don't be sad, and we'll be able to meet again very soon."

Taeyang, who recently married his girlfriend Min Hyo Rin, is also scheduled to enlist this year. He bid farewell to fans at the show, "As you know, after this performance, we will not be able to meet you guys for a short or a long time depending on how you perceive it." He reassured his fans they would meet again later with "improved, new sides," adding, "The times we spent together will always be a big encouragement to us during our military duty. Thank you so much and I love you."

Fellow member Daesung still has some time left before the deadline, but he reportedly will also enlist this year. T.O.P has resumed his military service as a public service worker following his marijuana scandal, while Seungri has booked an acting gig in Chinese movie "Love Only".

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