Blake Lively Flaunts Impressive Post-Pregnancy Body After Losing 61 Pounds: 'Feeling Very Proud'

Along with a picture of her showing off her fit body, the 30-year-old blonde beauty reveals that it took her 14 months to lose 61 pounds of pregnancy weight.

AceShowbiz - Blake Lively proves that every woman can get back in shape following pregnancy. It takes real hard work, though. Taking to Instagram on February 12, the blonde beauty showed off her amazing physique, revealing that it took her 14 months to lose 61 pounds of pregnancy weight.

"Turns out you can't lose the 61 lbs you gained during pregnancy by just scrolling through Instagram and wondering why you don't look like bikini models," Blake wrote alongside a picture of her standing beside her trainer Don Saladino. "Thanks @donsaladino for kickin my A double S into shape. 10 months to gain, 14 months to lose. Feeling very proud."

Don previously helped the "Green Lantern" actress get back in shape for her film "The Shallows" after she gave birth to her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds, James. The celebrity trainer revealed that she increased her training sessions from one to two times a week to five or six.

"We would do an upper body workout Monday, lower body Tuesday. Wednesday was a playful pool workout where she would do laps," he explained. "Thursday was upper body, Friday lower body and Saturday we were focusing on the accessory movers: the arms, the shoulders."

In addition, Blake had to follow a strict gluten and soy-free diet to lose her weight. "I did no gluten and no soy," she explained. "Once you remove soy, you realize you're eating no processed foods. So that's basically what I did. No processed foods and then working out."

"[It] seems like, 'Oh that's really easy to cut that out,' but then you realize, there's soy in everything," she continued, revealing that she didn't eat organic stuff since there was soy in it. Luckily, she still could eat sweets. "You just have a balance of protein, carbs and vegetables," she said. "And it wasn't worst. Like, I was eating rice and sushi."

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